About Steps to Support for All

Steps to Support for All

An association for the support of Texas citizens who are elderly or have exceptional challenges

Steps to Support for All is a group of individuals working to move the State of Texas in a positive direction toward fully funding programs and facilities provided by the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) as well as other Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC) systems which serve those Texans with disabilities or who are elderly.

Through a spirit of good will and education Steps to Support for All formed to effect an end to the struggle between groups advocating for certain populations of Texans with disabilities and in so doing provide a climate of fairness and compassion for all needing services. The climate would foster an effective working relationship with legislators and the administrative organization of the Department of Aging and Disability Services, thereby ending the confusion created by factions and redirecting the focus onto the citizens needing the services. Members of Steps to Support for All recognize there is a need for many types of services. There is a need for community-based services and there is also a need for institutional services such as nursing facilities and state schools.


Steps to Support for All and are working to effect change using these methods:

  1. Learning the facts: collecting and providing accurate data to enable advocates to be credible and able sources of information
  2. Supporting petitions which promote proper funding for services
  3. Attending public forums and legislative hearings, testifying or lending support to those who choose to testify
  4. Writing legislators, the media, regarding funding issues
  5. Visiting legislators, educating and encouraging them to support funding for all DADS services
  6. Educating others about the issues of funding


Begun in Tarrant County, November 2004, it now has members throughout the state of Texas. If you would like to receive Action Alerts, please join the Steps to Support for All association. To join or request information please email mk@mkdowney.com
Individuals as well as supports groups are encouraged to join our mission to secure and improve the care for those individuals who need services to live healthy, safe lives.


Martha Kate Downey
505 Anthony Dr.
Euless, TX 76039